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Envoy News

November 2012

Your UU Connection to the United Nations

Table of Contents

UN Sunday 

50th Anniversary

Director's Letter

News You Can Use



Mission Statement


The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office promotes the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, as reflected in the United Nations Charter. Through targeted education, advocacy and outreach, we engage Unitarian Universalists in support of international cooperation and the work of the United Nations.

Dear Friends,

November was a busy month! We have celebrated 50 years of our voices and work at the United Nations! Shortly after we learned that an anti-homosexuality bill that we have worked to keep off the table since 2009 is again being pushed forward in Uganda. What's worse, this bill is being described by its supporters as a "Christmas present" to the country. UN Office Director, Bruce Knotts, has more information about this in his monthly Director's Letter, Click to read the full report. We need to educate ourselves on what is happening and lift our voices! We have also posted a blog with more information about this bill and how to get involved.  It can be found by clicking the following link: Dire Situation in Uganda, or by visiting our blog page, Faith Without Borders

Speaking of speaking up - many envoys and social justice committees have informed us of their UN Sundays (for a full list see section entitled UN Sunday below).  Be sure to submit your sermons or papers about the UN and the UNO to our Dana Greeley Award contest.  With this award comes fame and fortune! Follow the link above to learn more.  

As an envoy, one of your most important responsibilities is to stay in communication with our office.  Have any questions? Comments? Concerns? Successes? Please share them! We will be having another Envoy Check in and training session in January, keep an eye out for the date!  

In Peace & Justice, 

Kamila Jacob
Envoy Outreach Coordinator

UN Sunday - Are UN or are you out?

We have been receiving lovely notes and emails about UN Sunday! THANK YOU.  The congregations listed below are one step closer to achieving 2012-2013 Blue Ribbon status. Shout out to:

  • All Souls Unitarian Church of Indianapolis, IN, - All Souls UU Church of Kansas City, MI - All Souls UU Congregation of Watertown, NY -First Jefferson UU Church of Fort Worth, TX - UU Congregation of Columbia, MD - UU Community of the Mountains in Grass Valley, CA - Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church of Charlottesville, VA - Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA - UU Church of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada - First UU Society of Burlington Vermont

Is your congregation supposed to be on the list above?  Will you soon be having your UN Sunday?  Let us know by emailing the Envoy Coordinator - kjacob@uua.org

Since merging with the UUA, we have a new protocol for financial contributions.  To make online donations use this link.  We have two new documents that explain individual and collection plate donations.  

1) How to send donations

2) Donation form to be mailed with the above "How to" form

We want pictures of you honoring this day at your congregations' UN Sunday service! If October didn't work, contact us, we can help you work out an appropriate date that works with your congregations schedule.  

Utilize our 2012 UN Sunday Resource PacketThis year's packet includes resources from our 2012 spring seminar for fighting discrimination based on race and immigrant status as well as recommended readings, hymns, and preparation suggestions. Remember to fill out the feedback form that comes with your 2012 UN Sunday Resource packet. 

You should also check out our suggested readings on our new blog page!

50th Anniversary - What a Night it Was!

On November 3rd we had our fall gala to celebrate 50 years at the United Nations.  Hurricane Sandy hit our area hard and many were unable to attend.  New York City is still getting pieced together and here at the office we are all okay - we hope you and your communities are all doing okay as well.  The event itself went very well.  We enjoyed lovely music, had delicious treats from around the world, plus we mixed and mingled with old friends - and made new ones! We also got to debut our 50th Anniversary Commemorative Film. To read more about our fantastic evening check out our 50th Anniversary Blog.  We have photos up on Facebook and we will soon share our larger gallery on a photo website.  

Highlight our 50 Year Legacy at your Congregation.  Have a party! You can reserve a spot to highlight the UU-UNO's 50th Anniversary during your congregation's Coffee Hour and in your newsletter.

Support our 50th Anniversary Fund to honor UU-UNO notables including Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dana Greeley, and Homer Jack as well as diplomatic, philanthropic and corporate leaders in the international community. We welcome your participation!

Sex, Love, and Violence - Spring Seminar 2013 

Spring Seminar registration is open!!!! Our title is Sex, Love, and Violence: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in a Globalized World. This year our Intergenerational Spring Seminar will be April 4th-6th 2013. Remember YOUTH ARRIVE IN THE EVENING ON APRIL 3RD! This evening is for a youth and advisor orientation.  It is time to start fundraising for the members of your congregation, including youth, to attend.  Make an announcement at the next service and have a table at coffee hour with a sign up sheet to find out who may be interested in attending with you.   

We are collaborating with the UU College of Social Justice for registration. Please go to http://uucsj.org/pay and use our "trip code": HIP7061.  

Early Bird Rates (until March 1st)

  • Senior (65+) $295
  • Adult $340
  • Young Adult $225
  • Youth/Seminary $140
  • Day Rate $160
Rates after March 1st until March 15th Deadline
  • Senior (65+) $355
  • Adult $395
  • Young Adult $285
  • Youth/Seminary $175
  • Day Rate $160

Soon we will also have information up to assist with finding deals for food and hotels in NYC to use while you are here.  Keep checking back to www.uua.org/unspringseminar.  

News You Can Use 

You can use the following bullet points in your congregation's newsletter, website or announcements!

UU-UNO Updates: 

  • Click to read the November edition of Director, Bruce Knotts', Monthly Report.
  • Our Staff and Interns have been working tirelessly for more than a year to migrate our website to complete our merger with the UUA. Now the project is complete (UUA.org/un)! We have posted final blog on our old website that details where each program area is on UUA.org. 
  • Faith Without Borders is where our blogs will posted. Be sure to check regularly for updates and news.  
  • Even us here at the UU-UNO need a Holiday! Our office closes December 21st and reopens again January 2nd. If it is an emergency or you need to reach us please do not hesitate to send an email - unitednations@uua.org

 United Nations Updates:

  • Friendship Ambassadors Foundation has its January Youth Assemblyfor Young Professionals working in the field, ages 22-28 and Youth Leaders, ages 16-21. This is fantastic opportunity to have a voice at the UN!
  • The Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is gaining ground and is on the verge of becoming a reality. A recent change in the proposal story is that the bill will not contain the death penalty but will still allow the state to impose strict punishment upon any who identify or act in a way deemed “homosexual.” Find out more here
  • The United Nations General Assembly voted on November 29th to upgrade Palestine from its status as an "Observer Entity" to an "Observer State." But what does that tangibly mean? Click to read more.