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Envoy News

October 2012

Your UU Connection to the United Nations

Table of Contents

UU Sunday - Pictures

50th Anniversary

Director's Letter

News You Can Use



Mission Statement


The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office promotes the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, as reflected in the United Nations Charter. Through targeted education, advocacy and outreach, we engage Unitarian Universalists in support of international cooperation and the work of the United Nations.

Dear Friends,


First things first, we are a-okay! Some of us are still without power, but we keep on truckin'.  Hurricane Sandy kept our office closed, but we kept on workin'!

We are in the office preparing the final touches for our 50th Anniversary Gala on Saturday.  We have journals, commemorative DVDs, informational materials, and nametags - all we need now is to finalize our outfits.  Remember we have many amazing items in our SILENT AUCTION.  Please encourage people to bid and attend! Let us know if you would like to attend (unitednations@uua.org)!

This weekend too soon to plan?  It is absolutely time to start planning for Spring Seminar, April 4th-6th 2013.  It is never too early to start fundraising for the members of your congregation to attend.  This year's seminar topic is Stop Violence & Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Table at your next coffee hour and have a sign up sheet to find out who may be interested.  

We had a successful check in call (announced in the September envoy news) on October 16th.  We chatted about strengths, weaknesses, and created action plans. Click to see Notes from October 16th Check In call.  If you have more suggestions, obstacles, or success stories, please pass them along and you can be next months featured envoy! 

In Peace & Justice,

Kamila Jacob
Envoy Outreach Coordinator

UN Sunday - Send pictures and collection plates

Since merging with the UUA, we have a new protocol for financial contributions.  To make online donations use this link.  We have two new documents that explain individual and collection plate donations.  

1) How to send donations

2) Donation form to be mailed with the above "How to" form

Some folks have gotten back to us about having a UN Sunday.  The congregations listed below are one step closer to achieving 2012-2013 Blue Ribbon status. Shout out to:

  • All Souls Unitarian Church of Indianapolis, IN

  • All Souls UU Church of Kansas City, MI

  • All Souls UU Congregation of Watertown, NY

  • First Jefferson UU Church of Fort Worth, TX

  • UU Congregation of Columbia, MD

Is your congregation supposed to be on the list above?  Will you soon be having your UN Sunday?  Let us know by emailing the Envoy Coordinator - kjacob@uua.org

Kamila Jacob got to participate in the UN Sunday Service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia, MD.  Opening words were one of the UN Sunday Readings Contributions followed by the children's music group, Chalice Lights. After a colorful skit for the Story for All Ages with Rev. Paige Getty, Youth Envoy Ben Evans sang The Beatles, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, with the youth choir known as the Singing Spirits. The service was wonderful, the congregants left inspired and eager to spring into action! 

We want pictures of you honoring this day at your congregations' UN Sunday service! If October didn't work, contact us, we can help you work out an appropriate date that works with your congregations schedule.  

A tool to help you honor UN Day in your congregation is our 2012 UN Sunday Resource PacketThis year's packet includes resources from our 2012 spring seminar for fighting discrimination based on race and immigrant status as well as recommended readings, hymns, and preparation suggestions. Remember to fill out the feedback form that comes with your 2012 UN Sunday Resource packet. 

You should also check out our suggested readings on our new blog page!

50th Anniversary - The Gala is ON!

We've been doing this for 50th years, Sandy is not stopping us! The UU-UNO has served as a shining example of what can be accomplished with determination, hard work and the partnership of social activists, philanthropic institutions and caring individuals throughout the world. To honor this legacy, we invite you and your congregation members to join our 50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 6:30-10:00pm at the Time's Center in New York, NY.

Purchase a Ticket and/or Donate to the Scholarship Fund.

Especially if you cannot make it to NYC for the event, check out our ever growing list of items to bid on. Reach out to Bill Bechman (bill.bechman@gmail.com) for further assistance.
We have a special fund to honor UU-UNO notables including Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dana Greeley, Homer Jack as well as diplomatic, philanthropic and corporate leaders in the international community. We welcome you participation!

Highlight our 50 Year Legacy at your Congregation.  Have a party! You can reserve a spot to highlight the UU-UNO's 50th Anniversary during your congregation's Coffee Hour and in your newsletter.

Updates from UU-UNO Director Bruce Knotts

Each month, UU-UNO Director Bruce Knotts reports meeting highlights and accomplishments of the office.  Here is an excerpt from a UN High Level meeting on Religious Tolerance.

"On the margins of the UN General Assembly, the Foreign Ministers of Italy and Jordan hosted a high level meeting on religious tolerance which included the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and foreign ministers from 10 other countries, ambassadors, parliamentarians and representatives of civil society.  The meeting dealt with the thorny questions of how to protect religious freedom without letting religions themselves become oppressive of individual liberty.  The anti-Muslim video and its effects on the Middle East were very much on everyone’s mind.  Both violence for any reason and religious provocation were condemned."

Click to read the complete report featuring the Clinton Global Citizens Award, the 30th anniversary of the Rissho Kosei-kai UN office and Dharma Center, and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice. 

News You Can Use 

You can use the following bullet points in your congregation's newsletter, website or announcements!

UU-UNO Updates: 

  • The UU-UNO 50th Anniversary Gala will be November 3rd in New York City. See what will be included in our Gala program HERE.
  • Women's Program Intern, Jacklyn Booth, wrote a blog - CLICK HERE
  • UU-UNO Director, Bruce Knotts attended the Clinton Global Citizen Awards, where former President Bill Clinton presented awards to LGBT activists for the first time.  For additional information visit the Clinton Global Initiative
  • Our latest Faith Without Borders Blog features readings, reflections, and poems you can use for your UN Sunday Service. Click HERE.
  • The UU-UNO has a new webpage! Visit us at www.uua.org/un

 United Nations Updates:

  • Millions of people have been affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy click for a comprehensive overview
  • How often are derogatory words used casually? A blog on The Economist tracks how often homophobic words are used on twitter, read more HERE
  • France is promoting gender equality by offering anti-sexism lessons to their ministers.  Read more, Click HERE.                                 

For more UN headlines visit: http://www.un.org/news/