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Envoy News

August 2012

Your UU Connection to the United Nations

Table of Contents

Five Ways to Particpate in UU-UNO's 50th Anniversary

Envoy Check List for the Fall

UU-UNO Takes the Lead at Young Adult Conference

News You Can Use



Mission Statement


The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office promotes the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, as reflected in the United Nations Charter. Through targeted education, advocacy and outreach, we engage Unitarian Universalists in support of international cooperation and the work of the United Nations.

Dear Friends,

This fall marks an exciting time to celebrate the rich history of the UU-UNO and our Envoy Program. For fifty years envoys have been promoting understanding and support of the of the United Nations in their congregations and bringing the voice of Unitarian Universalism to the UN.

To honor this legacy, we invite you and your congregation members to join our 50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 6:30-10:00pm at the Time's Center in New York, NY. Pay tribute to the UU-UNO’s unique formula for advocacy, mutual respect and tolerance and the prospect of promoting human rights through education, economic development and environmental protection. Over the last fifty years, the UU-UNO has served as a shining example of what can be accomplished with determination, hard work and the partnership of social activists, philanthropic institutions and caring individuals throughout the world.

As the UU-UNO representative in your congregation, we ask that you spread awareness of the UU-UNO 50th anniversary and our rich history of service at the UN. See below for five ways you can participate the UU-UNO's 50th anniversary.

In Peace & Justice,

Holly Sarkissian
Envoy Outreach Coordinator
Kamila Jacob
Youth Envoy Coordinator

Five Ways to Participate in the UU-UNO's 50th Anniversary  

1. Purchase a Ticket and/or Donate to the Scholarship Fund.

Please join the celebration by purchasing a ticket to join this historic event and/or donate funds toward a scholarship for youth, young adults and others who need support to attend. Tickets are $200 before September 30th.

Sign up today: http://www.tinyurl.com/UU-UNO50th

2. Become a Journal Sponsor

Submit congratulatory notes to be included in the 50th Anniversary commemorative journal .

Sizes include:

- Full Page (8" by 5") -       $250

- Half Page (3.75" by 5")    $150

- Two-line note -                $25 

See an example note on the left. Please contact Mary Overton at MOver100@aol.com.              

3. Donate to our Silent Auction

You can donate Merchandise, Gift Certificates, Experiences, Services, Vacation Homes, and more. Go to http://www.tinyurl.com/UU-UNOauction.

4. Support our Founder's Fund

We are launching a special fund to honor the founders of the UU-UNO including such notables as Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dana Greeley, Homer Jack as well as diplomatic, philanthropic and corporate leaders in the international community. We welcome you pariticaption!

5. Highlight our 50 Year Legacy at your Congregation

  • Put the save the date announcement in your congregation's newsletter or bulletin.
  • Reserve a spot to highlight the UU-UNO's 50th Anniversary during your congregation's Coffee Hour.
  • Speak to your congregation's minister, board members, and social justice leaders to brainstorm how everyone can get involved.


1. The envoy who sells the most tickets will be honored in the UU-UNO journal.

2. The congregation which sends the highest percentage of delegates will receive special recognition.

Envoy Check List for the Fall 

Task 1: Plan your UN Sunday Service

UN Day is October 24th. Honor this day at your congregations on October 28th with a UN Sunday service! We are happy to share with you the first version of our 2012 UN Sunday Resource Packet, a tool to help you honor UN Day in your congregation by holding a service or an event to reaffirm the connection between the UU principles and the work of the United Nations. We have chosen October 28th as this year's UN Sunday but we encourage you to choose any date in October that works for your congregation. This year's packet includes resources from our 2012 spring seminar for fighting discrimination based on race and immigrant status as well as recommended readings, hymns, and preparation suggestions.

Task 2: Celebrate the UU-UNO 50th Anniversary

2012 marks the UU-UNO's 50th anniversary. We are planning a grand celebration in New York City during the fall. We will also encouraging envoys to hold parities in their congregations. How will you celebrate the UU-UNO's 50th?                                                    

Task 3: Involve your congregation in our Spring Seminar, April  4-6

Every April the UU-UNO hosts our intergenerational spring seminar in New York City. This year's seminar topic is Stop Violence & Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. It is never too early to start fundraising for members of your congregation to attend. We want you to join our Spring Seminar Planning Committee! For more information on the time committment and how you will be involved, please email our office at Unitednations@uua.org

UU-UNO Takes the Lead at Young Adult Conference

Youth Envoy and Office Coordinator, Kamila Jacob, and intern, Derek Gumb, attended a young adult conference this month. CONjoin for JUUstice was hosted at the UU Congregation of Fairfax, Virginia. Here is an account of their experience:

We had a great time co-leading two workshops while attending this conference. Our first workshop focused on increasing multigenerational involvement in congregations. Attendees participated in a rousing game of "UN Me Trivia" in which they learned about our program initiatives. Attendees then volunteered strengths and barriers to achieving multigenerational involvement in their congregations and ways to overcome obstacles. 

Our second workshop was a discussion about stopping violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), which is the theme of the UU-UNO's 2013 Intergenerational Spring Seminar.  We reflected on the importance of having our human rights upheld and shared personal stories of both despair and hope. As citizens, we have influence in the legal and societal spheres: we can petition politicians and change societal attitudes to be more open to LGBT/SOGI issues. Finally, we collected evaluations and feedback of our workshops in order to understand how to improve them for future cons. 

We learned a lot and had fun as participants and workshop leaders. We hope to attend and lead at more Young Adult conferences and congregations in the future!

News You Can Use 

You can use the following bullet points in your congregation's newsletter, website or announcements!

UU-UNO Updates: 

  • The UU-UNO recently sent 12 delegates to the 11th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations.  Read about the youth experiences HERE, in a blog written by UU-UNO intern Dana Duyk and UU-UNO Youth Envoy Ben Evans.  And for a reflection of the event from two of our summer interns, click HERE
  • UN Day is October 24th, thus our UN Sunday Service date is October 28th! Make sure to save the date and speak with your minister or worship committee about planning a service. The 2012 UN Sunday Resource Packet is available to guide your work.
  • The UU-UNO 50th Anniversary Party will be November 3rd in New York City. Get your ticket today: http://www.tinyurl.com/UU-UNO50th

 United Nations Updates:

  • ·United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemns a deadly attack in north-western Pakistan, which reportedly left more than 20 people dead, according to his spokesperson.  The victims were targeted for their religious beliefs. Read more HERE.
  • Marking the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, United Nations senior officials today highlighted the key role played by the media in empowering indigenous people, stressing that traditional and new media are an essential component to help them preserve their cultures, participate in the social and political aspects of their societies and challenge stereotypes. Read more HERE
  • The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned of reports that armed groups in northern Mali are increasingly recruiting and using children for military purpose. UNICEF called on all parties to keep children out of conflict. Read more HERE
  • Ahead of World Humanitarian Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the power of individual actions to spark global changes, and praised the work of humanitarian workers who provide assistance to vulnerable people around the world.  Read more HERE                                                    

For more UN headlines visit: http://www.un.org/news/