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Envoy News

July 2012

Your UU Connection to the United Nations

Table of Contents

Envoy Check List for July

In the Spotlight: Paramus Youth Envoys

Join the 10th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations

News You Can Use





Mission Statement



The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office promotes the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, as reflected in the United Nations Charter. Through targeted education, advocacy and outreach, we engage Unitarian Universalists in support of international cooperation and the work of the United Nations.

Dear Short Salutation,

The UU-UNO has returned from General Assembly in Phoenix, AZ full of new energy and inspired by the amazing UUs we met. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and came by our booth to say hello, who signed up to become Envoys, and who visited our workshops and reception. We appreciate all of your support!

The summer is usually a quiet time in our UU congregations. We ask that you use this period to update the office on what you have been doing. Give us a call or send us an email. We also suggest that you to use this opportunity to prepare for your envoy work during the year ahead. Take note of the important envoy dates below so you are ready to celebrate UN Sunday and the UU-UNO 50th Anniversary and to promote the UU-UNO Intergenerational Spring Seminar.

We wish you a happy summer!

In Peace & Justice,

Holly Sarkissian
Envoy Outreach Coordinator
Kamila Jacob
Youth Envoy Coordinator

Envoy Check List for July 

Task 1: Update the UU-UNO on your Envoy Accomplishments  

We want to hear what you have been doing in your congregation during the last year. Please contact Kamila and Holly by phone or email. We would love to highlight your successes in the envoy news and connect you to additional resources. If you haven't been very active, we still want to hear from you. We can help you re-energize or assist you with passing on the envoy leadership role to someone new.

Task 2: Set your UN Sunday Service Date 

UN Day is October 24th. Honor this day at your congregations on October 28th with a UN Sunday service! We are happy to share with you the first version of our 2012 UN Sunday Resource Packet, a tool to help you honor UN Day in your congregation by holding a service or an event to reaffirm the connection between the UU principles and the work of the United Nations. We have chosen October 28th as this year's UN Sunday but we encourage you to choose any date in October that works for your congregation. This year's packet includes resources from our 2012 spring seminar for fighting discrimination based on race and immigrant status as well as recommended readings, hymns, and preparation suggestions.

Task 3: Save the date! November 3rd is our 50th Anniversary Extravaganza 

2012 marks the UU-UNO's 50th anniversary. We are planning a grand celebration in New York City during the fall. We will also encouraging envoys to hold parities in their congregations. How will you celebrate the UU-UNO's 50th?                                                    

Task 4: Plan for UU-UNO Spring Seminar April 4-6th, 2013

Every April the UU-UNO hosts our intergenerational spring seminar in New York City. This year's seminar topic is Stop Violence & Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. It is never too early to start fundraising for members of your congregation to attend. We are also looking for people to join our Spring Seminar Planning Committee. For more information, please email Holly at hsarkissian@uua.org

In the Spotlight: Paramus Youth Envoys


The Youth Group at Central Unitarian Church in Paramus, New Jersey raised over $500 for the "Every Child is Our Child" UU-UNO initiative. Andy Tittle, youth envoy and member of the youth group was the head organizer of this event and arranged for five local bands to play. Over 75 youth, young adults, and adults attended from the congregation and local community. The suggested entrance fee was a $3-5 donation, however, several members decided to give a more generous contribution. Thanks to youth envoys Andy, Alanna, and Ian for hosting this event!

Join the 10th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations(Scholarships are available for the registration fee!)

When: August 1 - 3

Apply: Email kjacob@uua.org if you are interested ASAP! We have several scholarships available on a first come, first serve basis.

Eligible Participants: Youth and Young Adult Leaders aged 16 - 21 and Young professionals aged 22 - 26.

Youth around the world gather for three days of plenary sessions, workshops, round table discussions and networking.

For more information, click HERE.

News You Can Use 

You can use the following bullet points in your congregation's newsletter, website or announcements!

UU-UNO Updates: 

  • Register for the 11th Annual UN Youth Assembly through the UU-UNO. The event runs from August 1-3. Make sure to let the UU-UNO know if you are interested in attending! We have several scholarships available. For more information click HERE
  • The UU-UNO has announced its twenty seven 2011-12 Blue Ribbon Congregations. Read more HERE.
  • UN Day is October 24th thus our UN Sunday Service date is October 28th! Make sure to save the date and speak with your minister or worship committee about planning a service. The 2012 UN Sunday Resource Packet is available to guide your work.
  • Our 50th Anniversary party will be November 3rd in New York City. Spread the word to your congregation! 

 United Nations Updates:

  • At the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) last month, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon urged world leaders to implement and take substantial action on environmental protection measures made during previous years. Click HERE to learn more.
  • Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for a full abolition of the death penalty in all the UN member states, on the grounds that the right to life lies at the heart of international human rights law. Thirty two states still use the death penalty for drug-related offences and on juvenile-offenders. For more information about the death penalty around the world, click HERE 
  • The Ugandan government recently introduced legislation to criminalize same-sex relations. Filmmakers gained access to Uganda's secret gay community, which is under violent persecution by the government. Click HERE to read an interview with the filmmakers.                                                                   

For more UN headlines visit: http://www.un.org/news/